Conference and exibition "Nanocellulose"

The use and production of nanocellulosic materials on April 4, 2017 in Moscow.

Main scope of the conference:

1. Technology of production of nanocellulosic materials.
2. Improving performance of nanocellulosic materials.
3. Traditional and novel applications of nanocellulose (paper and packaging, rheology modifiers, food additives, coating & paintings, oil & gas, composites, etc.)
4. Emerging applications of nanocellulosic materials (medicine, biology, etc.)
5. Other related topics.

Our speakers:

Panu Lahtinen, Senior Scientist (MSc, Paper Tech), Biomass processing technologies, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Alex ABLAEV, Ph.D., Center for New Technologies

Presentation "World market of nanocellulose materials."

Lyudmila MAKHOTINA, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Chair of Cellulose and Composite Materials Technology, Higher School of Technology and Power Engineering, S.Peterburg
"The use of various types of fibrous semifinished products for the production of powder and nano-cellulose".



Nordic pulp makers seek new lease of life from by-products

12.03.2017 18:07:14

Nordic forestry firms racing to replace paper business lost to the internet are trying to transform their pulp mill by-products into glue, biofuel and carbon fiber for aircraft and wind turbines.

Birla Carbon partners American Process to improve fuel efficiency of tyres

12.03.2017 18:03:49

Birla Carbon, a flagship business of the $ 41 billion Aditya Birla Group, will collaborate with American Process Inc (API) in the US to explore the technical and business potential of combining carbon black and nanocellulose to improve the performance and sustainability profile of tyres.

Could mayonnaise soon contain tree pulp? Scientists think so

24.02.2017 09:58:27

Companies around the world are working to produce nanocellulose in commercial quantities, paving the way to a vast array of products based on materials derived from trees, as they attempt to end our dependence on petrochemicals.

Move over carbon fiber, here comes cellulose nanofiber

22.02.2017 15:23:56

New technology could offer a cleaner, greener way to strengthen plastic.

American Process and MYBiomass sign agreement for production of nanocellulose for oil palm residues

22.01.2017 10:32:21

Renewable materials company American Process (AP) and Malaysian MYBiomass will work together to develop technology to produce nanocellulose and cellulosic sugars from oil palm empty fruit-bunches (EFBs).

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